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Built with the dream of bringing artists together, the original Common Place was started in 1972. A small group artisans moved to the White Mountains of North Conway, NH to work and live in an environment that offered constant inspiration. Renovating a Victorian farm complex, they created studios and shops joined by a common green.

Today in the spirit of the original Common Place, tattoo and fine artist Aubrey Mennella has reopened the carriage house on the common green, as a private studio that welcomes tattoo artists, fine artists and collectors, to come together once again, share ideas, and be inspired by the Mt. Washington Valley. Take your time to enjoy the studio, tattoo, and fine art of Aubrey Mennella and fellow guests.

Tom Robbins

In the haunted house of life, art is the only stair that doesn't creak.

The News

Art always in motion

 Aubrey Mennella is in constant motion, working monthly at The Common Place, as well as joining other tattoo studios around the world. Follow Aubrey on Instagram for updates on guest spots and convention dates.

Upcoming Guest Artists

Catch world renown guest artists this year at The Common Place Tattoo Co. For more information on dates and availability please use the contact page below.

Tattoo Conventions 2019

Aubrey will be joining a variety of tattoo conventions for 2019. Follow Aubrey on Instagram for upcoming convention dates and appointment openings.




guest artist at Rolling Tattoo

April 2019 Laramie, WY

It doesn’t get much wilder west than Wyoming, unless you walk into the curious world of Rolling Tattoo. Located in the bosom of Laramie, this is an unique tattoo studio with truly original tattoo work. Aubrey will be joining owner Meghan Meier in the spring for more Laramie adventures.


Jan 16-Feb 9, March 2019

Aubrey will be on the West Coast in the early spring at Truth Tattoo in Truckee, and Classic Tattoo in Grass Valley. Email for more information on bookings and availability.


Appointment Only Private Studio

The Common Place Tattoo studio is open by appointment only, with wait times varying from one to six months. There may be appointments available with some of our upcoming guest artists, so please do not hesitate to inquire.
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Instagram: @aubreymennella

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